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RJ Children's Haven provides a safe, healthy, transitional daytime "home away from home" for children who are recovering from life threatening and immune compromising disease, such as cancer.
In May 2009, a group of 2 nurses and 2 parents began this effort to make a difference in the lives of children with immune compromised diseases and our 501 (c) (3) was obtained in February 2011. We have an infrastructure to succeed for these children and make their world better.

As a priority, we want to help all children dealing with loneliness which can occur because of their diagnosis.  When a child's immune system is suppressed, he or she cannot attend school, day care, or activities in the community without risk of infection.  Children can spend formative months and years in isolation at home. 

  • The children can give support for each other because their journey is similar.
  • Cancer, genetic disorders, transplants, inflammatory disease, radiation, and certain drugs weaken children's immune systems and can place them at a short-term risk for infection.
  • Cancer Care Annual Reports from our local pediatric hospital show more than 200+ new patients are added to their cancer registry annually.
  • Parents often must give up their source of income and benefits to stay home with his/her child, now they can leave them with us to take care of.

Tentatively Opening in Summer 2019